Geared Up Partners with ASAS to Expose All-Stars to STEM
On Thursday, March 23rd, 18 students from Irma Lerma Rangel Young Women’s Leadership School visited Southern Methodist University (SMU) as a culminating event with their favorite volunteers from “Geared Up”. “Geared Up” is a program of SMU students who provide resources and tips for middle school students in low income school districts. They strive to immerse students in the engineering field through guest speakers and special projects.

Geared Up visited Irma once a week to provide hands-on STEM (science, technology, engineering and mathematics) activities for the girls. Since the start of the partnership this semester, the program has quickly become an all-time favorite for the girls, including Irma student, Francesca. “My favorite part of After-School All-Stars is Geared Up. We do different projects whether its building cars, houses, or making a safe place for an egg as we drop it 30 feet.”

During their field trip to SMU, the Geared Up volunteers took the girls to attend a presentation by Mickey Saloma, Assistant Dean of the Lyle School of Engineering. Following this, the girls toured the school’s labs and learned about different types of engineering. Not only did they have the opportunity to gain more exposure to the engineering field, but they were also able to learn more about SMU as a whole.

“Working with Irma and ASAS was the highlight of my last semester of college,” said SMU student, Andrew Posada. ASAS is so thankful for our partnership with Geared Up as they inspire and empower our girls to be more involved in STEM!
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