Launching Into the New Year
As the holidays have passed and the spring semester has begun, ASAS North Texas is excited for the expected launch of pilot programming at Felix G. Botello Elementary School on January 30th in Dallas. Felix G. Botello Elementary School is the feeder school to Hector P. Garcia Middle School, the new school site ASAS North Texas launched in the fall. ASAS North Texas will work with fourth and fifth graders this spring to gear them up for success when they reach middle school at Hector P. Garcia. ASAS North Texas is excited to work with this cohort of kids for five years and see the deeper impact of the program. The fourth and fifth grade All-Stars will be able to explore a diverse line up of after school programs such as dance, gardening, coding and many more.

As always, we strive to provide a safe and stimulating environment for students involved and it’s no exception for the fifty Felix G. Botello students joining the program. The variety of skills and interests will make for an exciting year full of growth and learning.

Texas Instruments Stems New Programs

When Terri Grosh, Worldwide Employee Engagement Manager at Texas Instruments, joined the ASAS North Texas Board in 2013, it was just the beginning of a beautiful collaboration. Now the partnership has grown into a flourishing relationship, with Texas Instruments funding STEM Programs for ASAS North Texas. Because of this, students have the opportunity to participate in robotics, DJ Music production, and Google coding.

“After-School All-Stars has been a great partner with T.I.,” said Grosh. “We value the work they do to help students increase their achievement in STEM skills and interest in pursuing a STEM career. Being an engineering company, we also love how they measure their results and align their curriculum to the TEKS standards. Another great selling point was the many opportunities they provide for our employees to volunteer with their program.” ASAS North Texas is grateful for T.I.’s growing support of STEM programs for the All-Stars.
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